Just thought I’d say …


there were two items about donation in the news today.

An American man, who had a rare type of cancer, has had the world’s first skull and scalp transplant. It took 15 hours. He also had a new kidney and pancreas at the same time.

My family thought that my transplant took a long time! From my own experience I can just about imagine what this man must have gone through. I hope it is all really successful for him.

“Imagine connecting blood vessels 1/16 of an inch under a microscope with tiny stitches about half the diameter of a human hair being done with tools that one would use to make a fine Swiss watch”

And there has been a drop in the number of young people giving blood.  NHS Blood and Transplant are suggesting that some of the reasons why might be because people are too busy or scared of needles or don’t know where to go to donate.

You can benefit from donating, as research has discovered that donating blood can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and cancer.  And it can also be good for all of you out there that might be watching your weight, as you burn 650 calories with every pint donated.

My daughter donates blood. This isn’t easy for her to do, she has passed out before while there and sometimes she just scrapes through in the tests they do beforehand. But she keeps going.

“We want to remind everyone that blood donation is one of the simplest ways you can save or improve a life”

So please everybody, BECOME A DONOR. In any way.

Go to bbc.co.uk/news/health if you want to read more about these stories.

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