Monday 1st June

It’s June. Already?! How did that happen? I suppose quite easily when you have spent over a month in hospital.

So off to clinic today as I couldn’t get there last Thursday. Robyn was taking me today as Monday is her day off from work anyway, so no extra time off needed. Tom was coming with us too. As it was an afternoon appointment we set off, picked Tom up on the way and first went into the Sainsburys that is near the hospital and got a bit of shopping. Shopping with them two was quite an experience, all three of us going separate ways and buying completely different things!! Then we went across the road to Frankie & Benny’s for our lunch. I had just a plain Margherita pizza but it was really quite nice. 

Then to the Queen Elizabeth. We were a bit late, whoops, but it really didn’t matter because we ended up waiting the longest we ever have before, and the waiting room wasn’t even full which it normally is, so I don’t know what the hold up was there. I saw a completely different doctor who I didn’t recognise, but he said he had looked after me a few times when I was in hospital. Must have been during my many crazy days :/ He was the first doctor that I’ve seen in my clinic appointments that has asked to look at my scar and feel my tummy. I was still doing okay. My blood was taken – another wait for the phone call tomorrow to really find out how I’m doing. 

Before we left I gave my two donor family letters to the coordinator. They pass them on to the donor family’s own coordinator and they do not send them until the family are ready to receive them. They may even decide that they do not want to receive a letter at all, in which case it is returned to you. But I do hope my families want to see mine. I had decided that I would write to them on my new liver’s 3 month anniversary, which was also the 1 year anniversary of when my mum had died. Tough letters to write, but I think (and hope) they will be okay. 

Luckily I wasn’t due to see the dietician this time. My weight had just stayed the same, so quite glad there was no appointment really because she would only have been trying to feed me up a bit more! I did miss not doing my strength test though. I do like to see if I have improved with that, or not.

So at last, back to Chippy we could go.

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