Just a Friday!


Friday 15th May

Can’t even really remember what I did today so it can’t have been very exciting. Probably nothing – because i do know that I was in a bit of a funny mood πŸ˜•

Oh I remember now. Had a sudden thought. I gave my fridge a good sort and clean out!!

And I got the dreaded phone call from Birmingham. My white blood cell count was very low. This can be caused by certain medications affecting the bone marrow (which produces the white blood cells), and leaves you much more open to catching infections, which they don’t want to happen. So they have stopped a lot of my tablets for now and I have to go back to clinic next week again so they can check my blood and see if this has worked. I don’t know what will happen if it hasn’t? πŸ˜” 

Going to clinic and the ‘phone call’ always makes me think (in different ways depending on my frame of mind at the time) that I will always be having tablets, checkups, different problems etc. That has been, and still will be my life, not a ‘normal’ person. And when that thought has passed, I make myself think of the many many people who are much worse off than me, and haven’t been as lucky as I have …

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