Eat red meat


Thursday 14th May

Clinic day again. I saw Mr Roll this time. He was the surgeon that came to see me when I had my weeks stay in hospital for my transplant assessment back in January. The surgeon goes through the operation with you and tells you what is going to happen, including all the scary bits which are rare, but he has to tell you the risks. And you can ask him any questions you might have.

We just had the normal chat. My liver was still doing well. My potassium level was okay again. But this time my blood results showed that my red blood cells were low. Anaemic. So he persuaded me to start taking some iron tablets. And told me to eat some red meat too. (Can’t see that bit happening somehow but when we called in the shop on the way home we bought some cold beef slices to try and tempt me. They don’t look appetising, didn’t work!) I’ll just go back to my spinach, which I couldn’t eat before because it’s high in potassium, but would now be good for me. This eating job can get confusing!!

I saw Brenda in the waiting area this time. She was the lady in the liver ward with me that liked to sleep! She hasn’t been feeling too good lately so was back for a checkup. (Hope you got on okay Brenda)

Off we went. Were there for less than an hour. It takes longer to get to the hospital than the length of my appointment!

Went for a pub lunch. I had root vegetable toad in the hole with mashed potato and peas! I can never eat a whole meal even though it was nice, but no red meat in sight.

Bit of shopping, then home.

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