Nina Webb


Tuesday 19th May

My friend Nina took me on a trip out today. We went to a garden centre near Cirencester. Had a wander around, then stopped for a cup of tea and I had a massive jam and cream scone (of course I could only eat half of it). Nina had a coffee, and a strawberry and cream meringue. Then we wandered a bit more. It was lovely to get out, have a good old gossip and catch up. I hope we can do it again very soon (hint hint Nina).

Maybe on a drier day though? On our way home we went through an amazing hailstorm. It literally sounded like the hailstones were going to break the windscreen at any minute, they were so hard and heavy. The wipers couldn’t keep up with it!

While I was in hospital Nina laid out various crystals for me. 


Different ones are good for different things. The photos are of me and Nina in the sea, and me with my mum and dad. Both from a very long time ago but both also very special. 

When I was due to come home she put out the crystals for rebuilding confidence, well being and calmness. I could have done with the last ones being out during my stay in critical care though!

And she wrote a poem for me –

I am trying to grasp it, this transplant of mine
But it’s proving so difficult as I’m confused all the time
I seem to have lost a few weeks of my life
And during that time I’ve found a will to survive.
My beautiful daughters, Gary, and my family too
Have given me the strength to fight and pull through.

You have to forgive me on difficult days
When I am grumpy, non-compliant and unfriendly in ways
I don’t really mean it, but sometimes I’ve had enough
And really, if you could see it, this hospital food is not exciting stuff.

Leah keeps eating my sweeties, and Robyn pulls my hair
Jack keeps telling me porky stories and Tom is just rare.
When I get Leah’s phone to see the taping she’s done
I will remind her she’s not too big to have a slap on the bum!

Robyn is bossy and she’s going to have to learn
That it’s only while I’m here that she can have her turn.
And I know they don’t believe me – but the nurses do make me eat chains
I know this is real because my dreams are the same.
And I am telling you all now, and you better listen too
I’ve still not forgiven any of you – for not taking me to the loo!

Good that šŸ“

Nina also made me some little tiny cheesecakes and some chocolate crispy cakes when I first came home from hospital. 

A lovely friend šŸ˜€

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