Robyn’s busy day


Monday 18th May

Robyn had an appointment in Oxford today (for once it wasn’t me) so I went with her, just to have a drive out really.

Afterwards we then went to Banbury as Robyn was picking Tom up so he could come back  home with us and we also needed to do some food shopping. I was actually allowed to go in the shop with Robyn this time. She doesn’t like it when I shop with her because I like to have a look around, see what’s different, what’s on offer, and I take too long. We met Tom in the shop (he bought some sweeties! 🍬). A very nice chocolate eclair I had to munch on the way home.
Robyn cooked for me and Tom. We had some very nice chicken and vegetables. Think it went reasonably smoothly this time, as Robyn sometimes does get herself into a bit of a stress while cooking 😰

Then Robyn gave Leah’s hair a good cut. It needed doing, trimming all the ends off! Very nice. 

Look how busy Robyn was today!!!

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