12 hour day


Thursday 21st May

Clinic day again. It soon comes around!

The coordinator told me over the phone that I needed to be there for 9.30 so they could take my bloods and see the results on the same day, as my levels had been abnormal. But when I went in to see the doctor he told me I didn’t need to wait around for the results, they would just ring me like they normally do if there’s any problems. 

My liver is now working normally. My kidneys and blood results are still misbehaving. But like they always say to me, I am doing really very well for what my body has been through, and everything should settle down in time. More of my tablets were reduced. The surgeon the other week prescribed me iron tablets, this doctor advised me to stop them and get my iron through my diet, so again eat red meat and more spinach. My weight is staying the same, where by now it should really be going up a bit apparently, so I need to eat more. HELP …

Gary took me to clinic this time as no one else was available. So after we had finished talking to the doctor, we left the hospital and went to a local farm shop and restaurant for a breakfast. Sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, beans and toast. Very nice indeed. And this time I made myself eat the whole plateful, as when I went with Robyn a few weeks ago I could only eat about half of it, so yes I guess I am improving. Quick walk around the farm shop, then back to the QE for my dietician’s appointment.

Same as always was said. Eat little and often and try and add more snacks in between meals to increase my weight :/ And she’s writing to my GP again to get him to prescribe me some different build up milkshakes because the first ones she advised for me, he couldn’t get hold of. (Oh fiddle, I thought I had got out of that one 😉 ) I must be doing something right though everybody, because my grip strength test went up to 15, where it had been just 11.

It was a lovely warm sunny day. I think as Gary had the day off work he wanted to make the most of the rest of it, so we drove to Brindleyplace which is where four canals meet each other in Birmingham. We walked up and down the towpaths. It was really nice. Then we drove into the Bullring to wander around the shops. We also walked right through the shops to Victoria Square at the top. And, thank goodness, we then sat on the wall by the fountain for quite a while, people watching. That was good fun. I love doing that.

My legs and feet certainly felt it. I had definitely done my share of walking today.

Time to go home at last. We got stuck in all the traffic on the motorway and by the time we eventually got home, we had been out for 12 hours.

A busy, tiring but very enjoyable day 👫 👣☀️

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