Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th July

So I spent a long weekend at Cornbury. Hope you enjoyed the slideshow!!!

I wasn’t feeling 100% while there. I had a very sore throat, a headache at times, a very runny nose and I do think that maybe I might have been suffering from hay fever too as my eyes were just SO sore. Add this to very late nights and early mornings and lots of things going on, you could say I was a bit tired! šŸ˜²

As we had camped over again Sunday night we were obviously still at Cornbury this morning. But the festival was over, it was now time to clear the Riverside stage and backstage area away. I did some of the things that I was able to do to help, but I now had a cough to go with all my other symptoms and I felt pretty rough!

Home to do pretty much nothing!!!

I made myself go off to work both Tuesday and Wednesday (even staying to work an extra hour on Wednesday) but I really wasn’t feeling too great. 

Back at home, we had received a whole load of forms to fill in from the solicitor regarding the house purchase so I needed to find some of the information out for that, and we all had to arrange to get photocopies of various things to send back off with the forms. Lots of paperwork, but at least it all seems to be moving along now and getting sorted. Fingers crossed šŸ¤”

Let’s all talk to our ‘young people‘ and get them to understand the importance of organ donation from a young age – I think this is a great idea. Like it says in the report, if organ donation is talked about amongst families it then makes it so much easier for people to make a decision if the situation ever arises in your own family.

#orgamites is Live Life Give Life’s new campaign to help promote organ donation in younger people and to try and make it easier for people to talk about. Here’s ‘Liver’ –

Check out the other Orgamites at www.orgamites.com

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