Monday 27th June to Friday 1st July

A busy week!

I got on quite well with sorting my shed on Monday. There is of course more to be done but I was pleased with the good start that I had made. Physically exhausted though with a painful back 😦 Then off for a meeting with Robyn and Leah and the Financial Advisor to get the mortgage application started off and then I went back to Gary’s to watch the England football match with him. They were playing Iceland tonight in the next round of the Euro’s. But of course England lost, so are now out of the competition. Silly game! ⚽️

Tuesday was work.

On Wednesday I had to go into work early and then leave early so that I was able to go off to the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford in time for the scan that I have been waiting for, to check if there is any trace of fibroids. The lady said that everything seemed to look okay but of course I have to wait for the official results from my doctor.

Thursday and I am still suffering with back pain, but never mind, keep on going!! πŸƒ There’s lots to get done!

The good thing about my hospital visiting today was that I chatted to a lady that was just sat waiting to go down for her drain in the afternoon and she was really quite worried about it. We had a good chat about our families mainly and houses! which helped to take her mind off of things for a bit. Success πŸ™‚ I saw my friend Mark today who has to come in for a drain every Thursday and I do try to see him if I can. The bad thing about my hospital visiting today was that in the bed opposite him this week was a very, very confused man which did upset me quite a bit actually. He just stood staring at me at one point, I asked him if he was okay and he said he was bullfighting as he was waving his hospital gown about. He was constantly wandering about, he kept looking for a pen he said he had lost, and everything else he was saying was just so muddled. He was very yellow and had ascites. Very obviously suffering from hepatic encephalopathy and I really didn’t like seeing him like that 😰 I am afraid that I sure do know what that is like 😦

Friday morning I went off to work knowing that I was having to go back again for my second shift later today as it was stocktaking, which means every member of staff has to go in and count all the stock on the shelves and do the lots of other jobs that it creates, and this is all done while the shop is still open and with customers doing their normal Friday evening shopping! But what a morning I had to get through first! As soon as I sat down the first customer was there, with a problem! In the first 20minutes of my shift there were 3 problems that needed sorting! 

My concentration was not good at all today anyway as we were kind of waiting to hear news about the house, I had masses of jobs that needed to be sorted at home, I had things that needed doing on my iPad and these complications didn’t do me any favours at all! There were no gaps between customers to kind of ‘gather your thoughts’ for a few minutes. They were just continual. A VERY busy morning πŸ˜– How on earth am I gonna get through this day?!

A quick break back home and then back to work. Stocktaking, for me anyway, was a little less problematic, but still busy 😱

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