Watching Glastonbury


Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th June

A trip to Banbury today. I needed to pop into the building society there but then I didn’t really need anything else! I’m trying to get rid of stuff as we have to move house shortly, not buy anything else just to end up packing it in a box!

Then we called back into Caffe Nero as Leah told me she was visiting there with Julie and Hannah so we went to meet up with them. So I decided to take a silly photo of us all for #loveyourliver week organised by British Liver Trust.

The evening was taken up, unusually for me, by the TV. I watched Madness at Glastonbury, then it was time for the football – Wales v Northern Ireland – and then back to Glastonbury for Adele. What a way to spend a Saturday night 📺

As when we moved a couple of years ago, we moved into a much smaller house many boxes were just stacked in my shed in the garden for storage, with the intention of sorting them all out, but of course as we know I became very ill and none of this actually got done. Now it’s time to move again and as I am ‘better’ the sorting can now begin! So as it was a dry Sunday afternoon I decided to move a few things about to give myself a bit more space ready for action tomorrow! as it looked like I was going to get a free day. Oh dear, even just lugging those few things about hurt my lower back and later I was completely aching 😣

In the evening I was just sat chilling on my iPad at Garys, with the tv on in the background, and the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) came on as they were playing at Glastonbury in the ‘Legends’ slot. They were actually really good, playing lots of old songs that I recognised. I was really pleased that I just happened to come across that by accident!

Then finishing off the festival were Coldplay – simply brilliant. The flashing wristbands that were given out looked brilliant.
Don’t forget to have a look at the new pictures of Robyn and Leah’s recent birthday celebrations that I’ve now uploaded onto my ‘Photos’ page 📸

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