Gardening time


Saturday 13th to Thursday 18th April

When you’re feeling fed up and it’s warm and sunny outside it’s a good idea to spend some time in the garden.

I’m repotting some of my succulent plants at the moment as some of them have grown too big for last year’s pots. I have read that succulents ‘don’t mind a little neglect’. Maybe this is why they are so successful in my garden!

I love this next plant which I’ve seen on a succulent website šŸ˜

Spiral Aloe. It sounds as if it might be a bit more difficult to grow but if I can find one I might have a go!

While we’re on the subject of gardening, I’ve always liked dandelion’s pretty yellow flowers. I’m not sure I want to start eating them though.

Look at this amazing pic!

‘This is a photograph of a space shuttle leaving earth, taken from the International Space Station.’

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