Sunny days


Monday 18th to Friday 22nd July

(I am actually writing this post while sat on Carbis Bay beach near St. Ives in Cornwall, where I am on holiday with Gary and his family. The annoying thing about it is that I then have to wait to go somewhere where I can get a good Wifi connection so that I can actually publish it to my blog for you to read 😢).

Monday. Another hot day β˜€οΈ So Robyn and me headed off to Banbury, met up with Tom, and we went for a picnic in the park! Then when we got back it was time for my appointment at the doctors. (I had rung earlier in the morning to see if I could speak to a doctor as I was getting fed up with feeling unwell. He had then said that he thought I should be checked over, hence the appointment). I had my blood taken and just had to wait for the results.

It was a lovely evening. Leah even did some of her ‘dental nurse’ studying in the garden!

On Tuesday I had a day off  from work as I have some holiday to use. I spent a busy day around the house. In the afternoon Hannah came to visit me and she brought her friend’s little boy Harley with her. It was another hot and sunny day, too hot at times in fact, so we spent the afternoon in the garden.

Hannah even brought me a present πŸ˜€ A giant sized custard cream! Yum yum.

A busy day on Wednesday. I was back to work and stayed to work overtime. When I had finished I discovered I had a missed call from the doctors, so I returned the call. My GP told me that some of the results from my blood test were not good and did I have a number for my consultant in Birmingham so that she could talk to them for some advice. She rang me back later to say that the doctor there was not too worried about them, that I just needed to have my blood taken again to test for CMV, which is a virus that can be quite common in people that have a weakened immune system.

Then it was time to walk along to the salon where Robyn was going to colour and cut my hair for me. I was looking forward to a lovely hair wash and head massage too πŸ’†πŸ’‡ 

We eventually finished there around 9pm and then we went straight down to the graveyard. It would have been my mums birthday today 😧 (We all miss her terribly). Robyn had bought some flowers so we paid a visit to put them on the grave.

On Thursday I went to the JR as normal but thought I had better check with one of the doctors there first to see if it would be okay for me to visit the patients. He advised me to give it another week, which I thought might be the case. As I was at the hospital already I asked if they could take my blood so that I could be tested for this CMV virus, which they did. So I just have to wait for those results now.

I was feeling a bit fed up about a few different things, so I bought myself a coffee, my friend had very kindly made me a cake and I had brought a piece along with me, and I went and sat in the sun in the lovely hospital garden. I did a bit of blogging too πŸ™‚

I think many of us sabotage happiness without even thinking sometimes. I know that I am guilty of some of the things mentioned in this article! It’s definitely worth a read. I find this kind of thing very interesting and I do agree with a lot of it and can see how it does make sense – but that doesn’t mean I can easily change things does it? :/

In the evening I went for my walk as usual.

Friday was a day off from work – but there’s always jobs to be done at home πŸ˜• It was going to be Riverside Festival in Charlbury this weekend and Gary was over there helping to set it all up, so later in the afternoon I decided to go over and have a look at what was happening there. Later we had a drink in the local pub and then came back to get some things ready as we would be spending the rest of the weekend there.

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