Friday 20th November

My ‘morning at work’ day! All seemed to go fine.

I had decided that I was going to make myself some pasta and roasted vegetables for my dinner. Robyn didn’t want any, I can’t remember what she had instead now! Leah couldn’t have the sauce I was using as she’s following the Slimming World diet at the moment (and doing really well on it 😀) so she came up with this idea …

She was going to use her Slimming World spicy lentil soup as the sauce to go on her share of the pasta, then she added her favourite frozen mixed veg at the minute which is carrots, peas, sweetcorn and green beans! She then cooked mushrooms, shredded some ham, mixed it all together and sprinkled some cheese over the top.

Strange food mix, but this is how it turned out in the end.


Doesn’t actually look too bad does it? And she said it was really quite nice.

Just to say that on Thursday evening we had jacket potatoes for dinner and Leah had cheese, ham, baked beans and then again, her favourite mixed veg with it. Despite all these funny (well to me anyway) food combinations she is doing really really well on her diet at the minute. I wonder what she will come up with next …

I know it sometimes sounds from some of my blog posts like my life at home is quiet and not much happens. But always going on in the background of what I’m telling you about is the normal day to day life of living with two daughters! And this is just the food side of it! They both work full time and finish at different times. So mealtimes are sometimes difficult. Robyn won’t eat certain things, Leah now can’t eat certain things and I have to make myself eat as my appetite is poor (although I have been eating more ‘proper’ meals over the last couple of months :/

So normally between 6-8pm in our kitchen is a crazy time. Sometimes there are 3 separate meals being prepared and cooked at various stages, Radio 1 is on so sometimes there may be a bit of singing or dancing, our dog Jake is around everyone’s feet waiting for his tea or for things to be dropped on the floor, Jack (Leah’s boyfriend) comes in, and sometimes Tom (Robyn’s boyfriend). Tales about their days at work or any gossip are told. Funny debates about the news. 

And before all this, during the day, we have the text messages. What we having to eat later, what shopping is needed, who’s getting it, ‘I haven’t got any money’ ‘I can’t carry all of that back from work’, ‘how many calories/syns/fat is in that’ etc etc.

Chaos. But I would hate it any other way 🤗

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