Fresh eggs


Wednesday 18th to Thursday 19th November

Wednesday and Thursday were both just spent at home again. I’m just going about all my jobs feeling exhausted so taking my time, but with a massively aching body as things have to be done!

Robyn wasn’t feeling too great either. Tom has a viral infection so I’m guessing she has the same kind of thing. She carried on at work though too. What heroes!!

Jack has some chickens in his mums’ garden so he brought us over 6 eggs. They were so fresh they were bright yellow and they produced a lovely omelette which Leah made for me on Wednesday.

On Thursday I decided to ring my energy supplier as I have had the meters changed recently and it has taken them absolutely ages to sort everything out. I rang and explained everything to one man, got cut off so rang again. The lady couldn’t find out who I had originally spoke to, so I had to go through it all again with her. Then when she had finished I had to wait another 10 minutes to be transferred to a different department. I was timing all of this on my phone and it actually took just over an hour. I was so fed up at the end, but at least (I hope) we had finally managed to sort everything. Then, later in the evening, I checked the details on the email they had sent and I had to join what they call ‘my account’ so I tried and it now wouldn’t accept the password I was putting in. So I then had to have an online chat with another one of their people. He was very good and soon sorted that out for me. But what a performance, surely it didn’t need to take that long? :/

Today is normally my walk day but my friend text to say she probably wouldn’t be back from a hospital appointment in time, so I just carried on doing things and ended up having my dinner later. Then later she text to say she was back and did I want to go, but I was still eating so couldn’t really. Aaaargh, that’s always how things seem to turn out for me. Most annoying because I enjoy my walk and good old gossip!

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