Two minute silence


Tuesday 10th to Wednesday 11th November

Up for work. Seemed to go fine today. On every shift I’m there I seem to meet a few more of my old customers saying that it’s real good to see me back and how I look so well now. Although this is a great thing it can have its disadvantages, because everyone thinks im now completely back to normal when I’m not :/ Everyone is being very kind I know and it is good to see them. I was still very very tired when I got back home though.

Wasn’t much rest for me though as i was reminded at work again that I was supposed to be going out tonight for a meal for one of the girls’ birthdays. So I got ready and off I went. To Bitter & Twisted, a pub in the town. I had a flatbread which I have had from there before with haloumi, sweet potato, red onion etc on it. I always enjoy that.

Wednesday was a day at home doing jobs as I haven’t been around much over the last few days again. Think this is how my week is going to plan out now, rather boring and I get fed up with doing it all at times but I think that’s just the same as everybody does.

I did stop at 11am for the two minute silence.

I don’t seem to be feeling in a great mood at the moment. I feel quite stressed at times. I know that because I never feel 100% that’s probably having an effect on me and as I have just gone back to work that is another big change in my life which is quite hard and is maybe affecting me more mentally than I realise. It’s so different from what has happened to me and what I have been used to over the last 12 months. It’s made me realise even more that we really don’t know what is going on in other peoples’ lives. Some people can’t wait to talk about their own experiences and over the last few years, when my customers at work have seen me looking quite ill, we have talked about how their feeling, their medication, hospital visits etc. But otherwise we just all seem to go about our business, rushing from one thing to another until, maybe, if your unlucky enough, something hits you or a member of your family or a close friend or work colleague. And thats when things all change.

So, sometimes, when I’m at work and have no customers at my till, I sit and watch people wandering about just doing their shopping, and I wonder …

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