Healthy nibbles


Thursday 12th to Friday 13th November

Just another day spent in the house really. Hoovering I think. That was a bit of a challenge. Especially as I shouldn’t really have been doing too much so that I would be fit enough for my walk 🚶Yes the ladies were back from their holidays. They both had great times, lucky things.

Friday morning and work was busy. I made sure I found time to pay my deposit and choose my food for my work’s Christmas meal though!!

After everyone had finished work Robyn, Leah, Jack and me went along to Julie and Hannah’s to have some healthy nibbles (as Leah, Julie and Hannah are following the Slimming World diet at the minute and are all doing really well on it 😀) and to watch Children in Need with them for a while. Just a lot of silly chatter seemed to be going on though and not much watching of the tv!!

And then we all found out about the terrible things that were going on in Paris.

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