Dodgy music!


Saturday 14th to Monday 16th November

What to do today?! In the afternoon I went shopping with Gary, to Witney for a change this time. I didn’t really need to buy anything though so we just wandered about for a while and then came back! 

In the evening we went down to our local pub to watch a band play. They weren’t really my thing, thankfully they did get a bit better as the night wore on. It was okay but not the best night out I’ve had :/ !!!

On Sunday we went back to the Blue Boar in the early evening to watch some more music. This time just a man on his keyboard singing and a drummer. We have seen him before and he was good. Dare I say, much more enjoyable than the night before :/ It’s also a lot more relaxed in the pub on a Sunday evening rather than a Saturday night too. Quite a nice time to go out.

A bit unusual for us to go out twice in a weekend though! 🙄 But that’s just the way the music worked out. I think there’s a weekend coming up in December when there’s bands that we like on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday 🤗

Back around to Monday again and Robyn’s day off. We had both had a bit of a stressful weekend in different ways, so just wanted to do something nice together!

My friend Nina rang me first thing this morning to say she had a present for me. So she called round on her way to work and gave me a chocolate sponge cake that she had made to celebrate me being able to go back to work! How kind of her, and just what I needed to cheer me up a bit. Can’t wait to try a bit later. 

Anyway me and Robyn just ended up going shopping to Cowley in Oxford in the end.

Robyn was a bit wary of this as since the terrorist attacks in Paris she doesn’t want any of us to go out to any nearby cities. I guess it’s understandable but we can’t all just stay at home just in case can we? Hannah feels the same as Robyn, but Leah is, as always, a bit more relaxed about it all. It is awful though that we now all have that fear, everybody not just my family, of being caught up in an attack somewhere, as all we are doing is trying to go about our normal daily lives, and it maybe now makes us think twice before we do something. What about all those Christmas shopping trips we are all going to need to be making very soon? 

We had a good time shopping anyway. I think we both managed to get a few little things for Christmas presents. We stopped and had a jacket potato for our lunch in a little cafe and then it was food shopping time. Robyn’s favourite part of her day off – not 😱

When we got back I then had to go to my appointment to get my flu jab. My GP really wanted me to have it before I started back to work but I haven’t been well enough until recently to have it, and then I had to wait until they could fit me in. I never used to bother about having things like this and maybe now you would think that I should be used to injections but I hate having anything at all done to me now. It went ok, was over in a second, just gave me a bit of a sore arm for the rest of the evening.

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