Sweet potato wedges


Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd May

A trip to Banbury to get a bit of shopping, but we had to be back for a certain time today.

5.30pm was kick-off time for the 2016 FA Cup Final (the world’s oldest football cup competition) at Wembley Stadium. Crystal Palace were playing Gary’s favourite team Manchester United, so of course it was a very important match. It was a good game to watch in the end, going in to extra time. I was half hoping that it would go to penalties as that is, I think, a very exciting (but painful in some ways) thing to watch. It didn’t need to get that far though. Man Utd won in the end 2-1 🏆

Time for tea! Dee-lish 😋

I got back home on Sunday morning to find this!

Lovely trip hazard isn’t it? One of the fences in the garden had become very wobbly, looking like every time we had high winds it was going to come crashing down. So my landlord had been round to re-cement the fence post and this was apparently holding it in place until it set!

It was a reasonably nice Sunday afternoon weather wise! Gary came down and cut the grass again. It is growing like a mad thing now he has put that grass seed down. Typical isn’t it, the garden is starting to look much more reasonable now and we have to move out! That’s just the way my luck seems to go 😏

Then Julie and Hannah came round to visit 😱 What had I done to deserve this!!! So we all sat out in the garden and had a cup of tea, and I had a piece of the lovely ‘reduced’ carrot cake that they had bought for me from our local supermarket (it is known that I will only treat myself to a bit of cake if it has a reduced sticker on it 😂). Robyn joined us too, entertaining us with her funny topics of conversation! A nice afternoon.

I found this, which is for my daughters …

They have been through a lot, in many different ways. And they NEVER FAIL to get up 👩‍❤️‍👩

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