A Punjabi curry


Tuesday 18th to Sunday 23rd July

The weekdays were spent mainly working and walking!!! (On one of these walks I can remember getting very very wet ☔️ 🌧 😞)

I’ve been in a bit of an unhappy mood all week really and then along comes Thursday to upset me even more :/ It would have been my mum’s birthday 😰 Robyn made me a cup of tea in the morning in my special mug. We all miss her SO much.

Happy Birthday Mum 💐😍

On Saturday myself and Gary set off to Oxford for a shopping trip. Then we came across this.

Whoops! The breakdown truck seems to have encountered a problem of its own 😱

So as we were first in line we sat and watched all the goings on. A bit of a different and fascinating way to spend some of Saturday afternoon!

I really don’t know how long it has been, but in the evening it became a curry Saturday!!! 

A Punjabi curry of chicken, carrots, sweet potato and cauliflower served with rice, a mushroom Bhaji and a tarka Dahl. Just 😋

Sunday afternoon was a walk in the grounds of Blenheim Palace. You can just about make it out in the background along with the rather tall (41m or 134 ft) Column of Victory, which has a statue of the first Duke of Marlborough stood on the top!

Just to keep you up to date with things – my Vitamin B12 blood result is now back to normal, yay no more injections for that hopefully.

And on Thursday I had a phone call following my clinic visit at the QE, to say my tac level result was too high and could I please reduce to only take 1mg morning and night now. Maybe I won’t be taking any at all soon! (I will need to go for a blood test in a couple of weeks to check what my level is doing).

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