The missing week


Saturday 1st to Saturday 8th April

Just to fill you in on the missing week before I became ill and I didn’t get a chance to tell you about …

Saturday. April Fools Day. Have a read of these fake news stories that The Guardian newspaper collected. I also thought up some individual silly little April Fools Jokes and managed to catch Robyn, Leah and Gary first thing in the morning 🀣 And then there was just a shopping trip to Banbury.

Sunday. A lovely warm sunny day. Myself and Gary went on a great walk. This is more or less the route we took.

Although we did also do some extra wandering about when we came across other things that we wanted to go and have a look at! Our walk was in fact 5.41 miles in total 😁


We called round to see Gary’s mum and dad when we had finished and ended up staying for a barbecue, the first one of the season!

Then when we were on the way home we saw Gary’s friend through the window of the pub so we called in to see him too. That ended up being an unexpectedly long busy day πŸ™‚

Monday. Another nice day. During our visit yesterday Gary’s dad had given me some cuttings from his garden so I spent a little bit of my time doing some potting 🌱 (I hope I can keep them alive 😏)

In the evening I had a sleepover with Robyn as it was the last night she was going to be around for a while …

Tuesday. Gary’s birthday. After work Robyn came out for a nice walk with me, before she left to stay at Toms in the evening 😰 I was very upset. I don’t like saying goodbyes and I don’t like it when my girls go away from me.

Wednesday. The cause of all the upset. Robyn was flying to Brazil today 😫 She was going with Tom and his family, to visit his brother who is living out there at the moment. I wanted her to go and have an amazing time, I was just worried for her safety and I knew I was going to miss her, a lot.

After our work for the day, me and Leah had a walk up to our Aldi supermarket which is just outside the town and we ended up buying a nice chicken and asparagus flatbread each for our dinner. I think we were both trying to keep our minds occupied and not think too much about Robyn being missing that first night.

Thursday was a bit of an eventful day. I went to the JR Hospital to do my volunteering job. On the way home a light started flashing on my dashboard. Because I had got into so much trouble with Gary the last time that happened! I thought I better act on it immediately. So I pulled over when I could and rang him, he told me to look in the manual and I discovered that the light was telling me I may have a puncture :/ Apparently I have the kind of tyres that you can still drive on for a while with a puncture, so I could continue steadily on my journey. 

But typically today it mattered what time I would get home this afternoon as I had a lady coming to see me from Birmingham, to do some research. I then had to try and get hold of her to explain why I would be a little late. She was waiting for me outside the house when I got there 😫 

So straight into her questions. The purpose of the research she was doing ‘Is to explore peoples’ experience of living with PBC, with particular interest in peoples’ experience of being seen by doctors in different settings. The overall goal of the research being that patients are treated in the right place by the right people’. I always like to help with all the research that I can πŸ€—

Then a little while after the lady had gone Gary appeared to sort my tyres out. Apparently there was no puncture, but there was hardly any air in any of them … Whoopsy!

Evening walk πŸ‘£

Just a work day for Friday.

I came across this when I was looking on the Internet. It’s by Japanese artist Gaku. What do you think?! Something to do when you are at a loose end one day!

And then Saturday was a trip to the garden centre with Leah and Gary. We had a nice wander about! and then I decided that we should take some funny photos to send to Robyn in Brazil. (Because I then became ill they didn’t actually get sent so I am putting them on here so you can see them now Robyn πŸ˜€)


Anyway, as you can see, apart from being upset, I had been feeling really quite well. There were no warning signs at all for what started to happen on Sunday 9th  :/

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