Sweet potato wedges


Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th April

I didn’t go back to work this Tuesday morning. I just didn’t feel up to it. And thank goodness I didn’t as I also had an upset tummy, my legs were swollen with fluid, my mouth and throat were just SO incredibly sore. I just kind of spent the day pottering about the house catching up with a few things since my time away and I think trying to get my head around what had happened to me. It was the first time I had been on my own since coming out of hospital, straight into a fairly busy Easter weekend. The first day of everyone being back to work and Robyn still being away in Brazil.

I managed to get hold of one of the liver doctors in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to tell them about the mystery phone call I had received asking me to let Birmingham know about my low tacrolimus results in my blood. The doctor couldn’t quite believe that a message had been left for me and that none of the doctors in Oxford had been in touch with them. He told me that I needed to get a blood test done as soon as I could to find out my latest tacrolimus level so they knew whether my medication needed changing, he also wanted a kidney function blood test taken, and could I please ask the doctor from the surgery to ring them with my results as soon as they had them.

We didn’t seem to have too much food in the house :/ I didn’t know what on earth I could have to eat? Then I found a couple of sweet potatoes. I decided to make some wedges, then I found a little tin of baked beans with sausages in the cupboard, I added some cheese and this is what I got!

It was actually really quite tasty. I recommend it! The only problem being my really sore mouth 😫 I will definitely try again when I have recovered.

Have a look at these delicious cheese sandwiches. The more basic number 1 just looks so delicious, that’s the one for me! Sometimes I wish I lived in London so I could just pop along to these places and pick something tasty up (especially when we have no food in our cupboards!)

So on Wednesday morning I went up to the surgery to have my blood taken. The doctors in Birmingham needed some and I also needed to have my hb level taken as a follow up from my blood transfusions in the John Radcliffe to check how I was getting on. I only had it put back in a few days ago and now everyone seems to want to keep taking it! 😩 The nurse also checked my blood pressure, it had gone back up again so that was one good thing. I still had my upset tummy, my swollen legs and my very sore mouth. I think I should really have mentioned it and maybe seen a doctor but the nurse seemed a little grumpy and I wasn’t feeling particularly great so I didn’t bother to mention any of it :/

I then decided to take myself for a Caffè Nero before going home again but I really wasn’t in the mood too much, I didn’t stay for that long and soon took myself back home.

It was a warm sunny day, so to keep myself entertained and to try and cheer myself up a bit, I decided to spend some time in the garden. After a recent visit to a garden centre I had bought a few little flowers ready to go into some of my ‘looking sorry for themselves pots’ that were brought with us from the old house. Our garden is all slabbed here which I like, saves the extra unwanted job of lawn mowing all through the summer. And I have been looking forward to the warmer weather coming so I can start to decorate it with flowers in pots, bunting and lighting. I’m starting to do a bit of a garden makeover! I will keep showing you how I am getting on with lots of photos, but here’s just a couple for now.


The geranium on the left I bought in memory of my mum. When we all lived at home my mum always had geraniums in the garden, of all colours, and then in the winter she would bring them in and put them in all the windowsills around the house, until they could all go out again the following year! I remember we all used to moan about them being in the way and they never used to smell the best!

The plant on the right (sempervivum) was given to me by Gary’s dad and I just put it in the froggy pot that Leah bought for me 🐸 I just need to look after it very carefully now and hope I don’t kill it :/

The identity of the mystery caller was finally revealed today too. She rang me again. She was actually one of the liver doctors from the JR who the Gynae team had contacted, she had noticed that my tacrolimus level was very low and was ringing again to make sure I had been in touch with Birmingham!

On Thursday I decided that I was going to give the bathroom and toilets a bit of a spring clean. I knew it was going to be quite tough as my whole body was already aching but I wouldn’t let myself get away with doing nothing. I then carried on with some other jobs after that too. I just had to keep myself busy, I couldn’t relax :/

A lovely shower 🚿 ! and then it was time for the Thursday evening walk. This was the first walk I had been on in over a week since becoming ill (so frustrating, I am going to be SO behind with my #walk1000miles challenge) but even after my busy day I was determined to go as I hadn’t really been out of the house too much for a while, it was time to try and get me and my body moving and socialising again.

I really enjoyed the walk, it was good to get back out into the real world, although it did hurt me. My feet were already hurting before I even left. Perhaps my changing blood levels had caused a build up of extra uric acid, which is possibly what is causing the problem. (Thank goodness I have a doctors appointment coming up soon to hopefully sort this out).

I then went round to Gary’s and collapsed on his sofa for the rest of the evening. I think I had done too much today!

I’ve had better weeks ☹️😡😴

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