Lovely gardens


Wednesday 10th to Thursday 11th June

Robyn was doing my hair at last 💆 It hadn’t been touched since before my transplants, so badly needed doing. I walked along to the salon. Cup of tea and the colour was put on! Robyn had organised herself some food (not unusual) but I actually did too (very unusual), and we sat and had an inside picnic there while the colour was taking! Then a good cut 💇 and it feels so much better now.

On Thursday I went to my friend Sally’s house. We have known each other for years and years. When we were children we lived two doors away from each other. And now our own children are similar ages and played and went to school together! It was another warm afternoon so we sat out in her garden. She had her little granddaughter there for a bit, Evie-Rae who’s 2. Very cute. Then her dad came to pick her up. 

Sally had some lovely decking in her garden with nice comfortable chairs, sun umbrella and fancy lights. Put my garden to shame, it’s a bit of a wreck. I am trying to tidy it up a bit while I’m at home and when the weather’s nice but there’s only so much I can do. My tummy still gets sore if I do a lot of bending and I can’t really lift heavy things. So it’s a bit of a slow job and I do get cross! My landlady is getting me a new garden path laid now as its a bit of a dirt track at the minute. So hopefully when that’s all finished that will inspire me a bit more too 🌱🌺

After sitting out for a while longer, we then walked down the road to Evie-Rae’s house! She had a lovely garden too with all her little toys in it. I’m very jealous of these gardens!! She was playing in her paddling pool. Sally said to me ‘it doesn’t seem that long ago when we were doing this with our kids’. Wish we could go back to those times. We did some great things and had loads of fun. Guess I have to wait for my own grandchildren now. 

Back home for something to eat.

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