Weekend away :/


Friday 12th to Sunday 14th June

Robyn told me that when Tom was on his way home this morning, he was sick quite a few times. Even when he was actually on the bus – poor Tom 😦 But this left me with a bit of a dilemma. Should I be at home amongst the germs giving me a chance of catching it? Would Robyn now also be contagious? Two out of the three people I asked didn’t want me to be at home just in case. Especially as I think I have been doing so well. Don’t really want any unnecessary setbacks. It’s also going to be Robyn’s birthday on Monday, she has a few things planned for the weekend, we have a day out planned for Monday and I don’t want ANYONE being ill and spoiling that for her. This all really annoyed me very badly as I had quite a few things I wanted to get on with at home before the weekend and this meant they wouldn’t get done. Eventually I realised what I had to do and I got some papers together that would give me a few things to do while I was away to try and make me feel better and I walked to Gary’s. He was at work so I decided to do his bit of washing up for him. Such an angel! 😇 Now to sit down and start my paperwork. But then Gary walked through the door, he had decided to come home, so we went to a local cafe for lunch. I had a cheese and pickle sandwich, something very basic I know, it came with a lovely fresh salad and it was actually really nice. Then we went to visit his mum and dad in Charlbury. Had a drink and a chat with them. A nice day in the end but I was still very annoyed at having to stay away from home. 

What do you do in these situations? Do you go with it and hope you don’t catch the bug and just get on and cope with it if you do? I can’t always stay away in these situations can I?

On Saturday I needed to go shopping to get presents for Robyns birthday, so we went to Oxford. We went into a massive sports shop where Gary decided to look at the exercise bikes. He has been thinking about getting himself one for a while now, maybe he’ll soon be doing this 🚴 !!

Sunday was a bit more of a lazy day. Even had a takeaway in the evening – vegetable korma, yummy!!!

So a weekend away! But some moments 😊 some 😳

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