Birthday day out


Monday 15th June

Happy Birthday Robyn 🎁

Well we made it. No one else has been poorly over the weekend or is poorly today. We can go on our planned day out and enjoy Robyn’s birthday.

I am a bit anxious as Tom is joining us too, but it has been a few days now. Hopefully he won’t be very contagious anymore. I can’t stay away from my daughter on her birthday as well :/

So me, Robyn, Tom, Leah, Julie and Hannah head off to Stratford-upon-Avon with our picnics, as it’s going to be a nice warm sunny day. We wander about in the sun, have our picnic (Robyn gets to open a few pressies), have a ride across the river on a tiny chain ferry, do some shopping, sit with a cup of tea and do some people watching and listen to a man singing with his guitar. We even managed to get him to sing happy birthday to Robyn which she found highly embarrassing!!

 Oh and we found a childrens play area …

     image                       image

We eventually went back to Julie’s for Robyn’s birthday cake …


a shepherds pie!! (That was what she asked for folks!) So we all tucked in, yumyum. 

My little baby girl’s now 23! Hope you had a good day Robyn 👩 

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