Too many jobs


Tuesday 16th to Wednesday 17th June

I spent Tuesday catching up with jobs around the house as I had stayed away all weekend and had a day out yesterday. I even decided that I was going to clean my oven! What was I thinking. Lots of bending up and down. I also sorted a few things in my garden and shed. Then as it was a nice evening I went for a walk around the town with Gary. My poor body at the end of the day was aching. My tummy still doesn’t like a lot of bending. I think I had done too much :/

On Wednesday I decided to take myself to Cafe Nero in the town. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to get ready and go out, there is always some job that I should really be doing instead. I get fed up with being at home so I make myself do these other things to give myself a break.

Oh and good news – I think we’ve escaped from catching Tom’s bug 🙂

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