Those steroids


Thursday 18th June

Clinic day. I was ok again. Saw my surgeon Mr Mergental. And guess what, he wanted to stop my steroids! So I told the story yet again. But this time he said no you don’t need to be on them anymore, please stop taking them. I was a bit worried about this but I guess these guys know what their doing! :/

And he discharged me from the surgeons clinic and now I will see the liver doctors who I used to see before transplant. And I don’t need to go for a month. So that’s good news. But they still wouldn’t let me see my consultant closer to home yet for my checkups. Think I have to wait a bit longer for that.

As our friend Kate had recently returned to hospital with some problems we decided that as we were up there, we would just call in to the ward and say hello. She wasn’t there, she had gone for a test, so we decided to get some lunch and go back to see her later. As it was warm and sunny, we took it outside and sat on the grass which many other people were also doing, nurses, physios, office workers. Mr Mergental walked past, spotted us and waved. He must have eagle eyes!!! Kate had returned when we went back so we popped in and had a quick chat and left her with a bag of Haribo’s! Get well soon Kate. I was glad we waited and eventually saw her. She came to visit me when I was in Critical Care so I was happy to do the same.

On the way home we did a trolleyful of shopping, must have got carried away as didn’t take enough money into the shop to pay for it, so Leah had to run out to the car and bring some more back, holding the queue up behind us. Oh dear, bit embarrassing 😳 💷

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