Saturday night out


Friday 19th to Saturday 20th June

Friday was just a day at home until I met my friend Jackie in Cafe Nero for a nice mug of tea!!

On Saturday the plan was to go out for lunch with Emma and Jamie. We went to Hilltop garden centre. Had a bit of a wander about (bought my niece a little present which my poor daughter Robyn wasn’t happy about!!!) then had lunch. Egg, chips and beans for me, rather tasty 😀

Then Emma wanted to go somewhere different so we went to Burford garden centre!! Had a bit of a wander about (didn’t buy anything!!!) then had a drink. Fizzy orange for me, rather tasty 😀

On the way home we called in at Gary’s mum and dads so that Gary could deliver his Fathers Day present and card ready for tomorrow. We stayed for a while then trundled off home.

It was to be my first Saturday night out this year!! We went to a pub in the town because a local band called Chaser who we quite like to watch were playing. Had a bit of a listen while drinking my tonic water :/ An old friend of mine was on her hen night so I knew quite a few of the people that were with her who I hadn’t seen since my transplants, so they came over to see how I was getting on.

An enjoyable evening but I was tired by the end of it 😴

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