‘Fruit’ cake


Saturday 9th to Sunday 17th June

Another lovely sunny day for the Daylesford Summer Festival again this year.

Another lovely sunny weekend.

In fact I think the whole of this time was ☀!

A bit of a stressful and busy non stop week. I was here, there and everywhere!

Robyn’s birthday was coming up so I had to fit in a bit of a difficult shopping trip as I didn’t really know what to buy for her 😖 Food shopping to be done for her birthday tea. Helping out at a coffee morning on the liver ward at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

It was the anniversary of my mum’s funeral day on Wednesday, I was a bit upset at work 😢

I finally had my appointment to see what they were going to do about my hip, after first going to the doctor about it in March 😏 I had been referred to see a specialist physiotherapist. I think because my mind was away on other things, I didn’t really get the official diagnosis! but I know that I was booked in to have some actual physio. I think it’s something to do with the tendons maybe? One of my crazy moments I guess 🤯 I will definitely ask for more details when I go for the physio!

What I do know is that the pulling and prodding made my hip hurt even more for the rest of the day 😖

As the weather has been so nice, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening I went on some longer walks. As a result my big toe has become even more painful. I can’t wait for my podiatry appointment to see if they can sort this problem out, I really must concentrate for that! So, very annoyingly, I didn’t go for the usual Thursday evening walk, I think it would have been just too much. Not much rest though, I was having a bit of a tidy and getting things ready for Robyn’s birthday.

The 15th June – Happy 26th Birthday to Robyn 😀

All at work again, so a little birthday tea in the evening.

Look at the amazing ‘fruit’ birthday cake that Julie and Hannah made for her.

Then lucky me, Saturday night = curry😋

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