Monday 18th to Saturday 30th June

The rest of June continued to be hot and sunny.

I enjoyed all the England games in the football ⚽ They’re doing well so far …

I was working while really not feeling very well again. I don’t recommend it! It’s SO hard 😣 My body felt so heavy. I was exhausted, all I wanted to do was lay down. I didn’t really want to eat much and I think maybe I was a bit dehydrated. I made myself drink some extra water during the evening!

I ended up having yet another outbreak of the Shingles virus but this time I was also getting random tiny red spots coming up on different parts of my body, they were very itchy and sore, then they would just disappear and another one in a different place would come πŸ˜–

There was an evening visit to an outdoor cinema event to watch Grease which was fun.

And a visit to Blenheim Palace Flower Show.

There were barbecues πŸŒ­πŸ”πŸ₯—πŸ˜‹ and of course walks πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ

On 25th June I had my clinic appointment at the QE. I was to have an ultrasound scan too this time, so nothing to eat and only clear fluids for the six hours before.

The sonographer told me that the liver looked okay but that he could see some fluid around it. I was a bit shocked when he told me and a bit scared. I just wasn’t expecting that. Apart from the hospital stay in the summer following my transplants everything seems to have been going okay. Why was there suddenly fluid again, what did that mean?

I was allowed to eat and drink as normal now so I took myself for a coffee and calmed down.

They were busy getting ready for filming at the QE. A special live event for the TV was being filmed there tomorrow evening to celebrate the NHS at 70.

Time for my appointment to see the consultant. Professor Hirschfield, who I usually see, wasn’t there. He’s leaving soon anyway. So I saw another one of the doctors that used to come round to my hospital bed during their visits. He had the results of my scan ready on his screen. He confirmed that there was fluid, he would wait for the results of my bloods which would be taken today, before deciding what to do next. So I guess I wait and see …

I told him about the constant Shingles that I’ve been getting. He emailed a specialist while I was sat there, to see if there was something that can be done to help, as when I had the medication for it before transplant I was allergic to it and had to stop taking it. He also asked for them to take extra blood this time to check if I had any viruses, as he didn’t think the random spots were connected to the Shingles.

I also asked him if he could check if the uric acid level in my blood had gone up, to find out if the pain in my big toe could be caused by gout, as was once suspected. Best to know and be able to rule things out I thought.

So more blood was needed today πŸ˜–

Then before I left, a visit to see my lovely Critical Care nurse Anisa. She always takes me for a little walk around to see if any of the nurses remember me. They are always pleased to see how well an ex patient of theirs is doing, as unlike working on the wards they don’t get to see their patients ready to go home.

A bit of a stressful visit, time to drive myself back πŸš—

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