Too many jobs


Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th August

I had to try to get my head working again this Monday morning. You could say I was feeling a bit stressed! I hate trying to get back to normal after being away on holiday. And I had so much to do. I needed to catch up with some normal jobs and I also needed to sort some stuff that was lying about so it could be taken to our local charity shop, amongst many other things.

But when Robyn got in from her gym and yoga sessions we went off to Banbury instead of getting the jobs finished :/ Neither of us were in the best of moods so we called in to Costa (that always seems to calm us down!) and I did some blogging and then it was time for the dreaded food shopping.

Tuesday was my first day back at work following my holiday and I was going with a bad back 😖

In the afternoon I had a phone call to make to try and sort out a quote for the buildings and contents insurance ready for the new house. Why do they ask so many questions! It takes up so much time. And then of course there are always the things you can’t answer, so you have to go away and find them out. A frustrating job!

There was also a pile of paperwork from the solicitor waiting for me to read through and sort out, forms that had to be checked, signed and sent back. So complicated, I couldn’t get my head around them very easily 😒

There were also some bags and odd bits hanging around from my holiday still waiting to be unpacked and put away.

Too many things that all needed doing at the same time – I was stressed!

But I did get to read this lovely story made possible by organ donation – a bride was walked down the aisle by the man that had received her father’s heart. What a great thing to be able to do 😀

I didn’t feel great on Wednesday but off to work I went. My back really hurt and I had pain in my hip and down my leg when I walked. It seemed like an awful long way to work this morning 😩 And then I had to keep standing up while working at my till today as I was so uncomfortable.

I worked until 4pm and then I had a bit of food shopping to get. By the time I got back it was just about time for me to leave again to get to the doctor’s surgery. I had an appointment with the nurse to get my blood taken so that my uric acid level could be checked again. 

You really must have a look at these great pictures in Giving Life. I find it quite amazing really to think that I was led in an operating theatre like that, being monitored, cut open, a part of my actual body I was born with being cut out, having my amazing organ donor’s liver put inside me, stapling me back together – all those people saving my life.  I would have loved to have had the opportunity of having photos like that taken of me so that I could look at them now. Even better, I would have loved to have had my operations filmed so that I could watch them back. Fascinating!

And now for something nice to end on – I knew it, chocolate cake really IS good for me. Now I have a good excuse for eating this 😋

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