Holiday over


Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th August

We were all up reasonably early on Saturday morning as we had to pack all our things back into the car and vacate our caravan before 9.00am! I don’t know why on earth it has to be quite so early 😖

We stopped in nearby Perranporth to have a look around the shops and do a bit of last minute present buying. Gary and me also got a nice cooked breakfast 🍳

Then we set off for our long journey home. We actually did really well. The traffic wasn’t too horrendous, which it sometimes can be. We stopped for a comfort break and a stretch of the legs. I think we made it back home around 5.30 ish. 

I popped home briefly but Leah had gone away for the weekend to USC (Ultimate Street Car) festival and Robyn was going out for the evening, I didn’t really know what to do with myself, it’s weird when you first get back from a holiday isn’t it?! and I didn’t really feel like straight away getting on with some jobs! so I just went back to Gary’s. My back had recently become painful for some reason so the journey home had been a bit uncomfortable at times. So I was looking forward to relaxing – and there was Wifi 😃

Would you dare to walk on this Coiling Dragon Cliff walkway? I know that I would definitely be scared, but I would like to have a go! You really must have a look. Quite amazing.

And also have a look at these incredible balloon sculptures ðŸ

On Sunday I went back home for a while as I knew there were certain things that needed to be done – the girls had very kindly still left me some jobs around the house :/ welcome back mum! It was a lovely sunny day, they were both out, I guess I was maybe still in holiday mode and I really didn’t want to spend any more time stuck in the house on my own, so I went back to sit in Gary’s garden and did some blogging. That always seems to take my mind off of things. 

Then in the evening we went down to Bitter & Twisted for a nice meal. Sweet potato, haloumi and red onion flatbread for me 😋

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