Thursday and Friday


Feeling slightly better this morning. Was very glad about this because I was due to go for a coffee with my sister and my niece. We went into Banbury so first of all I went to sign my will. All done now, one job I can cross off my list. So coffee turned into a pot of tea and lunch and this time I did have a piece of cake Robyn as nanny would have liked. Well I ate some and got a doggy bag for the rest! We did have some funny laughing moments. Like this one – My sisters filling had dropped out the night before. Apparently it left her tooth extremely rough and it was cutting her tongue where she kept fiddling with it. So she was trying to keep a bit of chewing gum there until her appointment to get it sorted later in the afternoon. But the best bit was that the night before she got her cardboard emery board that she uses to do her nails and was trying to file her tooth down 😀 Now really? Am I the stupid one?!! Well that was my fun for Thursday.

This afternoon I had an appointment to have my Hepatitis B vaccine. Needed to help protect me through my transplant procedure and afterwards. I have to have 3 of these, once a month I think it is (unless I get ‘the’ phone call obviously). 

Maybe this weekend …

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