Woke up feeling terrible. Sick. Just ill feeling. Real hard to get out of bed. When I did I was very wobbly. I discovered I wasn’t in control of my hands and fingers so I did the test on myself that I learnt while as an inpatient in the John Radcliffe hospital back in November. The JR is a teaching hospital and I had many many student doctors examining me as i’m quite an ‘interesting case’. They all did the same tests on me which are typical to liver failure. It’s surprising what you can learn. The test is to outstretch your arms and put your wrists back. A healthy person will be able to hold them still. Someone with end stage liver disease cannot control their fingers and they start to twitch or move uncontrollably. Because I suffer with Hepatic Encephalopathy I was experiencing a tremor which is due I think, in basic terms, to the build up of toxins in my blood. I did not like this at all. Not being in control of your body is VERY scary and I got upset and had a bit of a cry 😢 This horrible tremor thing did get better after maybe a couple of hours or more, but didn’t feel completely right for the rest of the day.

I was planning on going into town with my niece Hannah to get myself out the house today but I just wasn’t up to it 😦 Hannah was kind enough to bring me a sandwich back for my lunch, a very heavy bag of Ensure drinks that needed collecting from my pharmacist and some fruit sherbets 🍬which looked real nice, but they didn’t actually have any sherbet in them Hannah :/ You silly billy 😀

Later, a nice helpful lady rang me back about benefits. I am trying to sort out what I am entitled to, if anything. In my confused state of mind this is so difficult for me to sort and the thought of filling in the forms fills me with dread.

1 daughter downloaded some music and stuff for me that I can listen to and watch while in hospital. 1 daughter told me the oven had stopped working halfway through cooking her tea.

Roll on tomorrow.

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