Nose bleed


Saturday 27th to Monday 29th May

Saturday – The 27th May, a day we call ‘Nanny’s Day’, as this was the day that my mum (obviously the girls’ Nanny) died, three years ago now 😰

We like to all do something together on this day that my mum also used to like to do, so myself, Robyn, Leah, Julie and Hannah set off for Stratford upon Avon. The weather forecast had predicted that it was going to be a reasonable day but it was unexpectedly SO SO cold. We were kind of dressed in our summer gear, so were all freezing. We had a bit of a walk about and did a little shopping, went and had a nice lunch, but that was about all we could manage 😏 Definitely no ice cream by the river for us that day! We went back to Julie and Hannah’s house and had tea and cake and watched Hannah putting feed out in the garden for all her little birdy visitors 🦅 – this is her new obsession!

I walked with Robyn to the cemetery so that she could put the lovely fabric flower that she had bought all the way back from Brazil on her Nanny’s grave 😍

Sunday – It was a nice morning. I decided to get up and go for a ‘reasonably early’ morning walk! I messaged Robyn and she said she would come with me. So I walked from Gary’s back to our house so that I could change and also meet Robyn, to find that she had a nosebleed so obviously couldn’t come. SO frustrating. Because I didn’t have a lot of time to spare and it seemed that everything which I had tried to arrange lately didn’t work out and I was completely fed up with it, I was a bit cross with her (yes Robyn, I know it wasn’t your fault and I was a bit mean to you and that you are going to write a comment about it! 😶) and I just went out on my own. What a bad mother I was 😣

It was a beautiful morning to be out walking though.

This was followed by a shopping trip to Banbury and later a barbecue 🌭

Monday – A Bank Holiday. A trip to Charlbury to Gary’s mum and dad’s for yet another barbecue, but this time a very wet one 🌧 Luckily there were two big parasols and an awning to sit under.

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