Lotsa walking!!!


Monday 22nd to Friday 26th May

Time to go back to my normal hours at work this week. I was feeling a little better, better than I had for the last few weeks anyway, but still not quite 100% My body was still aching a bit and I was SO extremely tired, SO SO tired 😴😴😴 It was going to be tough.

It was a nice week weather wise! ☀️

Despite how I was feeling, I managed to get a good week of walking in.

A walk with Gary over the fields, which ended up being much longer than it should have been :/ I couldn’t exactly remember where one of the paths were 🤔 so got a telling off!!! We ended up in a field where the cows were giving us evils! 😂

We thought the safer option was to turn back, I didn’t fancy being chased by a herd of cattle who were protecting their young, so we ended up walking uphill through a field of very long grass. It was very hard work and the way I was feeling I could have done without that part of the walk really. Did it though 💪

A nice walk with Robyn. We visited Pool Meadow, a place we used to go to when the girls were little. When it was nice we would take a little picnic and they would play for hours with their friends in the stream and going exploring.

Such lovely happy days they were. Robyn couldn’t resist …

After a cup of tea sat in Jackie’s garden, we took her dog Alfie out for a little walk, then as it was so nice I went straight out for another longer walk with Leah, just around and about the town.

I went to an appointment with Robyn in Witney and afterwards we went for a bit of a walk by the river there and then it was just myself and Sue for our usual Thursday evening walk this week.

Also there was a nice sunny afternoon walk with Kate.

Over 28 miles walked in these five days and as a result of all the walking, my toe is killing me 😫

I think I might have been suffering with hay fever this week as it’s been so nice, either that or my cold is back again. I have been sneezing 🤧 I don’t know how many times with a constant runny nose again.

Here’s a nice liver transplant story, a mother was able to donate part of her liver to her young daughter. Both are doing well 🙂 Amazing that just a part of the mum’s liver will regrow to fit the child. Amazing what the clever surgeons can do. Just brilliant 👌

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