Thursday 23rd to Thursday 30th July

I woke up as normal on Thursday morning, walked into the bathroom, there was a sudden and very painful ‘crack’ (but without the noise!) in my back. That’s the only way I can think to explain it. Ouch.

And that was that. As you will already know if you’ve ever had a bad back its extremely painful. I couldn’t walk about very easily, couldn’t sit down very easily, couldn’t lay down very easily, it wasn’t good ☹️

I rang the doctor the next day as I really needed some painkillers to help me. I am only allowed to take certain ones. I was given Tramadol – most of the following day was spent in bed! Seems like I can’t take these either, they kind of knocked me out! So I had to spend the rest of the weekend without any pain relief, I was a bit upset, my back was hurting A LOT 😖

On Monday I spoke to another doctor and got some different painkillers prescribed. These ones seemed to suit me better thank goodness.

Over the next few days I started to be able to walk easier, but still very painful.

I had a telephone appointment with the physio, apparently I’ve strained a facet joint. These usually enable your spine to flex during movement. As mine will now be inflamed it causes pain, soreness and stiffness.

So to help the recovery I have to try these things, I have to sit up straight, sit on a hard chair, try to not stay in the same position for too long, keep moving. And then it should eventually get better on its own, so I guess I just have to put up with it until then really 😏

Oh my goodness, the part for my car finally arrived, I’ve been waiting about 2 weeks for it to come into stock.

So I had a trip out to Cowley to pick it up. When I arrived the man there had no idea about it, it seems I had been told the wrong place! Luckily the correct place was on the same industrial estate so off I went – and I GOT THE PART!!!

I must just show you the lovely flower I have in my garden at the moment. I had it last year too but it seems to be doing so much better now 👍

It’s a Black Velvet petunia 🌸

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