Lovely cakes day


Sunday 16th August

An early start as today I was finally going to get my Christmas present!! 

A day trip in a narrowboat on the Oxford Canal 😀

Me and Gary went to pick up my brother George, my friend Nina and Robyn. Leah followed us in her car with Jack. Julie and Hannah had already left! They were my chosen crew for the day 🙂 A few days before I had sent them a message jokingly telling them what their jobs on the boat were for today. Some were more pleased than others!

A bit of instruction when we first got there and we were off.

It was great fun. The boat gently chugging along but with lots of noise and messing about from all of us lot on board! Leah started driving, then that was taken over by Jack. Leah seemed to enjoy pulling the boat into the side and also along, by the thick ropes! Gary was on lock duty, doing a very professional job as always! Hannah was supposed to have been helping him but she seemed to have difficulty getting out of the boat! Julie kept herself busy making cups of tea and coffee. Nina kept taking photos of everybody when they were doing silly things! Robyn just swanned about occasionally doing something when she felt like it! And George just seemed to get himself settled at the end of the boat and soaked up the sunshine. That was supposed to be my job :/

But I was spoilt. When we had picked Nina up earlier her husband David had made me a lovely Victoria Sandwich cake.

image                          image
Then when I actually got on the boat Julie gave me the cake that she had made for me.

We also had a nice picnic lunch on board. We passed some lovely houses with gardens backing onto the canal, a lovely looking outdoor tea rooms right on the edge of the canal with little shelters and vintage looking table and chairs under them, definitely worth a visit on another day. We passed some much bigger and lovely looking boats and we all said ‘good morning’ to each other and waved as we went by. We got so far down the canal, then it was time to turn around and make our way back as we had to keep an eye on the time.

We then decided a trip to one of the pubs we pass on our way back was necessary. Then me, Gary, George and Nina went to Bitter & Twisted in the town for some dinner. A good end to a GREAT day.

Thank you everyone for coming. Im looking forward to another adventure real soon I hope.

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