Blogging heaven


Thursday 9th to Friday 10th June

So my first morning of volunteering starts today 🙂

Important me!! all organised with my mug of tea for the journey. I even managed to catch my first choice of bus this morning too, normally I’m a few minutes late and I have to hang around for the next one 🚌 😕 

I went back to see the man that has recently had a liver transplant, I met him last week briefly after my induction. It was good to have a chat with him, he seemed really nice, and he said he had enjoyed talking to me! I then went to see an elderly lady (who was actually in the same bed that I was in when I was on that ward having my two drains before my transplants!) She was very sweet but a bit confused and it was quite hard to keep a conversation going. Another man the doctor recommended for me to see was asleep when I went into his room so I didn’t wake him. They had an emergency on the ward so a lot of the staff were busy with that. So I decided to leave it at that for this morning. Being my first time there I was a little unsure of things and didn’t want to get in anyone’s way 😏

So I decided that while I was out in my car I would travel on to Banbury (to avoid all of Oxford’s terrible traffic) and go shopping. The fact that I needed to do this was really annoying me actually because I knew I had a whole lot of jobs I needed to be getting on with at home but I also knew I had a party to go to at the weekend and I didn’t really have anything suitable to wear for it!!! Anyway after lots of trying on I managed to get myself a new frock! 👗

By the time I got back it was another rush to get ready for my walk. It was actually this week that I quickly ate the two small sausage rolls and a few crisps like i told you I had done last week! Oops sorry 😔 I think last week it was a filled wrap that I had to gobble down quickly 🌯 Not very important or interesting information I know, but I do like my blog to be accurate!!!

Friday morning. And Robyn says to me ‘so what have you got on your lip now?’ I look in the mirror.

Now what? Is this the same kind of thing that just appeared on my eye the other day? Am I continually going to keep getting all these weird little things?

Off I went to work 😏

Look at this.

How I wish I could take myself off and live there! Or was just able to visit for a day of blogging, coffee and cake eating 😝 Heaven!

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