Heavy shower


Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th June

A Saturday spent at home. With Emma’s 21st birthday party in the evening. 

Robyn and Tom came along too but Leah had a last minute invitation to go to Devon with her friends so she took off there. Lucky thing being away for two weekends in a row!! 

We had a good evening with lots of dancing šŸ’ƒšŸ’ƒ

And very delicious cake šŸ˜‹

Sunday was our Chipping Norton Town Festival,  which is a day of live music, childrens’ rides, hog roast, stalls etc. This year there was also a street party for anyone that wanted to join in and a cake competition, both to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.
It was raining first thing and I thought to myself that it was just going to be a washout, but it did clear up for a while. When the sun did come out it was actually very hot and then later it turned into showers with one being very suddenly particularly heavy. I think it caught everyone out šŸŒ‚

So I walked down with Gary and we joined Robyn who was already there with her friends. Julie and Hannah were there too for a short while. We all sat on the bales listening to the different bands and chatting. It was a fun afternoon and evening.

Weekend over!

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