‘Another Chance to Fly’


Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th June

A trip to Banbury on Monday afternoon for me and Robyn. We were visiting Costa coffee first for a while so I could have my blogging session. Whenever we decide to do this Robyn takes all her own lunch with her and I normally have a coffee and a cake! 

The bad thing was that I then needed to go shopping to get some last minute things for Robyn’s birthday. We were both already feeling very stressed about our housing situation and I know I was feeling pretty fed up generally. Neither of us were really feeling up to it! So Robyn decided to just wait for me in the car as she didn’t need anything herself. Well, as always I had a few disasters! and I seemed to come up against every problem there is going. The correct sizes of the things I wanted to buy were unavailable, ‘would she like this, would she like that’ and every till I went to seemed to have a problem of some kind or another. Grrrr! I took rather too long and Robyn was a bit grumpy with me when I eventually got back to the car 😠 We were quite late getting home.

On the way back Robyn suddenly started singing to the tune that was on the radio but she was inserting her own words. She made up some really funny songs. One was about prodding Leah with a fork when she got back (which she actually did when Leah was in the kitchen whizzing about at 100 miles an hour like she always does, preparing all her food for the next day! πŸ˜‚). At least this made us laugh for just a little while.

In the evening I came across these Unique plants from around the world. How great they are. And how amazing is nature 🌺🌼🌸

Tuesday was back to work. With an evening spent wrapping presents 🎁🎁🎁

When I was just a few months old this man was doing the first heart transplant!

Don’t let the worms eat ANY of our organs I say! Please ask everyone you know to sign the Organ Donor Register πŸ“

And here’s another lovely memorial @BurtonHospitals

Love that ‘Another Chance to Fly’ 

As always, massive thanks to my donors  πŸ•Š πŸ•Š

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