Robyn is 24


Wednesday 15th June

Happy Birthday Robyn 💐🎁

In the end, luckily, I was able to arrange to have today off work, which meant we were having a day out 😀

But first Robyn had to be spoilt with all her breakfast on a tray!

Then we set off for Busy Brush Cafe in Wallingford with Julie and Hannah (poor old Leah had to work). 

Robyn and Hannah had taken all their scrapbooking things with them. Julie and me chose to do some decoupage. Good bit of stress relief for me that is!

What a great way to spend a morning! Well quite a good few hours actually. I think they might have been waiting for us to leave :/ 

As if we hadn’t drunk enough tea and coffee we then called in to Caffe Nero on our way home. Good job we did I think as look at the lovely ‘summer’ weather we’re having at the minute. Such heavy showers 🌧

In the evening it was birthday meal time! Me, Gary, Robyn, Tom, Julie, Hannah, Leah – and Jack joined us a little later (he had to go to his college awards ceremony, well done Jack 🏆).
Julie and Hannah had excelled themselves with their cake making skills again. This time Robyn’s cake was made completely out of fruit 🍉🍍 one of Robyn’s favourite things to eat  #fruitcake

Hope you had a good day Robyn 😘

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