Ham, egg and chips!


Tuesday 8th December

After yesterday’s clinic visit I got to thinking that it was somewhere around this time a year ago that I went to Birmingham for an extra clinic appointment that had been arranged and I was told that I needed a transplant. They would get in touch with the liver ward and the co-ordinators and arrange a time for me to go into hospital there to stay for my week long assessment to see if I would be accepted. I can remember us all thinking, oh no their going to call me in over Christmas, but as we know now, that didn’t happen. I went in for the first week of January this year.

After living with PBC for all these years, and being quite poorly for probably the last two of them, even though I knew it was coming one day, I can remember it still being a bit of a shock realising that it was now going to the next stage.

At least we all now know what happened next dont we?!!! What a year :/

Anyway back to now. I was so tired when I woke up this morning, my eyes were sore, I had a bit of a headache and I had to go to work 😦 I really didn’t feel like it at all and I probably shouldn’t have gone, but that’s what I’m like. It was a tough morning to get through. When I got back in the afternoon I even had a tiny sleep 😲 And I haven’t done that since my early weeks of being out of hospital.

Typically I was due to be going out tonight for Christmas with some of the Co-op ladies. I couldn’t make my mind up whether it would be a good idea for me to go or not! In the end, right at the last minute, I decided to go. I thought it might make me feel a bit better to get out. There was no Christmas meals on the menu tonight though, I think this time I had ham, egg and chips! Something that I wouldn’t normally choose, but it was quite nice.

Recently this has been revealed at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth to thank organ donors and their families.

img_2241     img_2240
I think its great.

“The good omen that underpins this inauguration is the news that October 2015, when we were finalising our plans, was a record month for organ donations and organ transplants in the NHS. This means that a record number of lives were saved by transplantation and that a record number of lives were transformed”

Some good news 😀 

Sending best wishes to all those people that had their various transplants in October. I hope their all doing well.

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