Pretty dandelions


Saturday 1st to Friday 7th May

So here’s my photos from a weekend of walks 👣

From walking along the side of a canal and searching for bluebells in a wood to watching a mummy duck with her little ducklings (how cute are they?!) in a secret garden – there were some great photo opportunities!


“Although dandelions are vilified by the ‘lawn care’ industry as weeds, they are the first food in the Spring of our disappearing bees and a mainstay of bouquets picked by children for their mothers. Dandelions also are an important source of food for some birds … finches for example, disappear from feeders when dandelions go to seed. Dandelions are a sign of a safe, nontoxic lawn for your family, wildlife and pets. Long live dandelions.”

I see lots of dandelions while I’m out walking in the countryside. I’ve always thought that they are such a pretty flower, and my favourite colour yellow.

And then of course you can have some fun and do this whilst making a wish … (This was on one of my sunny walks in lockdown last year).

I love dandelions!

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