Crazy Lady 👹


Saturday 7th to Monday 16th March

Apparently I was well enough to leave intensive care and go to the liver ward. Well physically maybe I was, but certainly not mentally.

I was still having my ‘adventures’. I said I was in a game show. It involved the nurses from the ward, the doctors, the cleaners. And penguins!! Its really hard to explain this one in words but somehow the penguins were used for research into the illnesses! to take blood etc. Some of the other patients led in their beds were covered in ‘fur’. The nurses sucked on chains which I described to people as ‘toilet chains’. I can remember all the peoples faces in this adventure so clearly. The cleaners came round wearing turquoise wellies (like you see fisherman/fishmongers wearing when preparing fish after they’ve just been caught). I kept telling everybody that I didn’t want to play their game anymore. I told the kids that they could play it if they wanted to, but I was just not going to! It was all so weird. 

I also was in a hut used by the Brownies and the nurses there looked after me, which very soon changed into being in a place run by volunteers which they all did as a hobby (again these were the doctors and nurses). They looked after me but also watched and researched wildlife and looked after injured sea birds. I was living this ‘adventure’ when I had loads of visitors one day. Gary, Emma, his mum and dad. My brother George, his daughter Claire and her kids Tia and Freya, his son David. Julie and Hannah. Julie was making me eat this ham sandwich and other stuff and she was told off by one of the doctors because she was stressing me out! At least someone was on my side 😏 I think I was actually still in intensive care when all this happened, so in the wrong post really, sorry!!

Im told it was at this point that I was very nasty to everybody, doctors, nurses, family. Shouting, screaming, saying horrible things, refusing to have things done. 

Then I got pneumonia …

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