Standing with Giants


Monday 19th July to Friday 6th August

Monday 19th July – Freedom Day – ending over a year of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in England.

What people are actually allowed to do and what people really should still be doing are now two very different things 😏

Here’s just one of the things on the list of ‘What people should do’.

Avoid crowded places if vulnerable – the clinically vulnerable are advised that they may only want to visit supermarkets “at quieter times of the day”.

Hmmm 🤷‍♀️ not sure what I’m supposed to do then as I work in a supermarket with constant different people visiting my checkout!

A trip to Brum! First in a long while. And just to have my bloods taken as my local doctors’ surgery hasn’t been sending any of my results to the QE apparently 👎

The summer Olympic Games finally started on 23rd July (it was postponed last year thanks to Covid).

LOVE these photos from ‘Miniature Calendar’ for Tokyo 2020.

I received my certificate to congratulate me on five years of volunteering 😀

I took myself to see the recent Standing with Giants installation in South Park, Oxford.

“Standing with Giants remembers those who have given so much, with many paying the ultimate price – for the freedom and benefit of others. The NHS staff, without doubt, have gone way beyond expectation in their dedication and determination to fight on our behalf during the Covid crisis. They have saved so many lives whilst sadly losing some of their own in the process. This Summer’s installation is our way of acknowledging this and encouraging others to do the same.”

Life-size cutouts of 300 NHS workers were unveiled. Original photographs of NHS staff, including doctors, nurses, paramedics and porters, were used and “adjusted and manipulated” to reflect different characteristics.

It was quite a sight. Emotional. Once again, Thank You NHS 👍

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