Amazing cake


Thursday 18th February

What a lovely start to my birthday.


Everyone had booked the day off work so we were all able to go for my birthday day out πŸ™‚
We all squashed into Robyn’s car and went to Witney. We were doing exactly the same thing as we did last year for my birthday! My choice! First we went to a nice cafe there for morning coffee and a cake. I picked a lardy cake which was served warm and it was VERY tasty.

Then we went across to The Arty Crafty Place to do decoupage. This is basically where you cover almost anything you choose in torn pretty pieces of paper and glue!! I had bought an owl kit last year and I didn’t get it finished (one of the reasons why I wanted to go back!) so I got on and finished that. Maybe you think it all sounds a bit silly but once you get started I think it is quite addictive. We all took our lunch and had a little indoor picnic while we were sticking! Robyn had even brought along a bottle of ready made Bucks Fizz. That was nice 🍾

Back to Julie and Hannah’s for birthday cake. And WHAT a birthday cake I was lucky enough to have made for me.


I can tell you it definitely did taste as good as it looks.

Then more present opening time πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ

In the evening I went out for a drink with Robyn, her friend Lucie and Gary. I ended the day as nicely as it had started. I was treated to just the one cocktail!


A really nice birthday. Thank you everyone.

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