Nanny’s Day 😍


Friday 27th May

Two years ago today my wonderful mum died. We all miss her dreadfully, so on this anniversary day we have decided that we will spend the day together doing something that she would also have enjoyed doing. And we’ve named it Nanny’s Day 😍

So this morning we had a trip to the grave first. We put some fresh water in the flowers and Robyn, Leah and Hannah left their new little trinkets which they had bought for her đŸ‘ŧ

Then we set off to Bourton on the Water, which is probably only about half an hours drive away from us. Ideal!

It’s a lovely place to visit and again we were lucky with the weather, a warm and sunny day. Last year we went to Bibury Trout Farm and the weather was gorgeous then too. I think maybe Nanny is helping us out in this department 🤔

Our first visit was to the Dragonfly Maze (have a look on their Facebook page). It was really good, a bit different to a normal maze. You had to work out the rebus type clues that you came across on the path as you were trying to solve the maze, and this spelt out some instructions that you needed when you got to the middle of the maze, so that you could find the dragonfly! So if you miss some of the clues (like we did) you have no idea what to do. Luckily we ended up in the middle with two other families and between us, after quite a good few minutes, we pieced our answers together, so in the end we got the full instructions and we all at last found the dragonfly 🤗

Time for an ice cream, a bit of people watching and a relax on the grass after all that hard work.

After a bit of a wander around it was time for our afternoon tea. We went to Mary’s Rest Tearoom & Cafe, just off the main street. As it was so nice we were able to sit outside ☀ī¸

Unusually, but a good idea I think, you got to choose your own filling for your sandwiches, although I would have liked to have been able to choose more than one filling so you got a bit of variety :/ and you also got to choose which cakes you would like. So egg sandwiches for me. Carrot cake (recommended by the owner) and coffee cake. The scones were warm and came with jam and clotted cream. We also got a little salad and some crisps. And of course a lovely pot of tea. Just delicious 😋 I took my cake home with me in the end so I could enjoy them at a later date. I was full.

Then it was time for our day to end ☚ī¸ Back to reality. I went back and did some washing up, Robyn went to meet her friends briefly and Leah went off to do the food shopping with Julie and Hannah!!! We’d had a good day though.

On a completely different note, imagine going into work one day and ending up doing what Dr Um has done. I think you should have a little read. Some of the comments people have made at the end are I think ‘interesting’. I don’t think some of them know what it’s like to constantly be feeling unwell and have been desperately waiting for something to come along that would make them feel better. I can understand their concerns but I think they might change their minds if they found themselves in that situation don’t you?

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