In the wars


Saturday 28th to Monday 30th May

I’m a bit in the wars again at the moment. I’ve recently had the mole removed from my shoulder which is still sometimes a bit sore, I’ve just been able to remove the tape from my lip but I’m still having to walk around with the small scab there which has yet to fall off, the male nurse that took my blood on Monday very kindly left me with a bruised arm this time, and to top it all I now have gained a black eye to go with it!

When we got back after our day out yesterday Leah had asked me what I had done to my eye as I had a black mark on it. When I woke up this morning it looked like this.

How on earth did that happen as I hadn’t knocked it or anything :/

I was feeling miserable, fed up and sorry for myself so I had a bit of a cry 😰 then I pulled myself together and started to get the final things ready for the car boot sale in the morning (yes I finally made my mind up!) I was going to be leaving straight from Gary’s house very early in the morning so I needed to be super organised and remember lots of things – something I’m not very good at doing πŸ€”

So the alarm went off at a stupid time for a Sunday morning, I picked Robyn up, met up with Julie and Hannah, and we all set off to the car boot sale. It was freezing but at least it was dry. Car boot sales are not one of my favourite things to be doing. You spend ages sorting the stuff ready to sell and pricing it all up, load it all into the car, have to get up early, get it all back out of the car and lay it out on your table, haggle with the customers because they never want to pay the full price for anything (even if it’s only 50p), pack it all back into the car when you have done, get home, unload it all from your car again and then have to decide what on earth you are going to do with the stuff you still have left!!! 

By the time I got back of course the sun had decided to come out and it was really quite warm. So I sat in the garden and sorted some of the things that we had brought back straight into bags ready to go to the local charity shops. 

Bank Holiday Monday and I was still feeling pretty fed up. We had a very quick trip in to Banbury, I think I went in two shops and came home. A bit later in the afternoon I called round to Julie’s and had a cup of tea with her, and that was about it.

Bank Holiday over and back to work in the morning. And nothing had really been achieved and no exciting places had been visited. How frustrating πŸ™ƒ

I did find three interesting articles for you to have a read of though.

‘alive’ organs50th kidney-versary and low donations.

Happy reading πŸ‘“

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