Tonic water


Tuesday 31st May to Wednesday 1st June

Tuesday was spent at work and at home. Wednesday being the same, but with an extra busy morning in the shop!

Robyn had gone off to London for a couple of days away with Tom, so there were none of her silly antics going on 😦 I miss that.

When I was very ill, as well as being told I had to give up work I was also told that I had to give up alcohol. And not because I drank lots because I never really have. But as I had cirrhosis of the liver I needed to try and give it every extra chance of being able to work that I possibly could :/ 

I was also suffering with terrible cramps in my legs and hands and someone mentioned that drinking tonic water might help because of the quinine in it (it didn’t help by the way, the cramps were so painful. My fingers would just lock up into like a fist at times and there was nothing I could do to straighten my fingers until it passed) and that is what I still drink today. But I sometimes push the boat out now and have it with elderflower!

I had a couple of glasses of rose wine with my family on Christmas Day and I haven’t had any other alcohol since. Apart from one mouthful when I was in the pub recently and I picked up my friends drink instead of my own, which I did not feel happy about. I feel I owe it to my donors as a mark of respect.

So I wonder if I will be tempted by any of these non-alcoholic drinks that I have found being recommended on the British @LiverTrust Twitter page.

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