‘wearing whatever floats your boat’


Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th September

Monday, spent doing jobs and later there was a good excuse for a crafty coffee and blog with Robyn in Caffe Nero in the town. We were waiting for my sister Julie to finish work so we could meet her and pay a visit to the building society next door (yet another little thing that needed doing in preparation for the house purchase šŸ”)

I absolutely LOVE this šŸ˜

I think this could very soon be me!

And look at this. 

A man holding his own old heart after undergoing a successful transplant. I would have loved to have been able to hold my own old liver like that and have a good old look at it. I do have a photograph though šŸ™‚

Robot does 2 kidney transplants, blimey! šŸ˜®

I have the whole week off so no work for me this Tuesday morning! 

Earlier in the year me, Robyn and Leah had tried to plan to have a week off together to do something nice. Then the house move came along so we thought we could just use the time for that. That didn’t work out either! But in the end I had completely booked the wrong week off, Leah was off last week and it also turned out that Robyn didn’t have enough holiday to take the week off anyway, so that all worked out well didn’t it! Always the way it seems in our house šŸ™ƒ

So more sorting of junk was planned for me this week instead :/ I did arrange to meet my friend Jackie in the afternoon though as I knew I would be wanting a break. I haven’t seen her for ages. As it was warm and sunny we sat on the patio outside Bitter & Twisted for a while instead of our usual cafe. That was nice. We had a good catch up. But while we were there a massive thunderstorm ā›ˆ seemed to appear from nowhere and we had to dash inside! Back at home all my washing was out and I had left the lawnmower out too as it wasn’t working properly and was waiting to be looked at. Oh no :/ But when I eventually got back the washing was hardly damp! Weird and confusing šŸ˜•

Have you ever had your colours done?!

I woke up not feeling too great on Wednesday. Really? On my week off. Can’t I have a break? Obviously not šŸ˜· I had a headache, unsettled tummy, an aching and wobbly body etc etc which lasted all day. I had arranged to visit a friend in Banbury in the afternoon (when I was a childminder I used to look after her daughter Sian and we have stayed in touch) so I still went. At least I would be sitting down and resting there! It was good to see her. And Sian had finished college early and was there too – even better!

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